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Your mother always told you, don't talk with your mouth full and keep your elbows
off the table. Was she right? What are the correct table manners and proper dining etiquette to bring to the table?

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Safety Tips for Grilling

BBQing as it is commonly known or grilling is one of America's favorite summer past times. Why grill? Grilling provides an opportunity to entertain family and friends. It is a stress-free and relaxing way to prepare delicious nutritious meals on weekdays or weekends. Preparing meals during the summer months on the stove or in the oven increase the heat in our home causing our cooling bill to increase. To save energy and money why not "fire up the grill.

" According to the National Fire Protection Agency approximately 1,000 structure fires and 3,400 outdoor fires are caused by barbecue grills annually. Safe grilling begins before the cooking starts. Check the connection between the propane tank and the fuel line on gas grills, to be sure there are no leaks and that it is working properly. Never use a match to check for a gas leak. If you suspect a leak, put soapy water on the area and watch for bubbles to form.

This will identify the area of the leakage. Never light a grill that has a leak repair it before using it again. Place grill on a level surface, approximately three feet away from other objects e.g.

the house, shrubs or bushes. Keep children and pets away from the grill and cooking area. Consider wearing a heavy apron and oven mitts that fit well over your forearm for protection while grilling.

Do not wear loose clothing. Turn off the valves and store the grill away from the house. If you are going to store your grill indoors, wait until the coals are completely extinguished. Burning charcoals produces carbon monoxide.

Many people enjoy the "charcoaled favor deride from charcoal grills. They are very simple to use however, precaution must be taken. When you grilling with a charcoal grill only starter fluids that are specifically designed for charcoal grills. Never use gasoline or kerosene.

If the fire is slow, add dry kindling or try placing 2 or 3 charcoals in a metal can, add a little lighter fluid.  Use  long-handled tongs to place charcoals on top of coals in the BBQ grill and light with a match to restart. Don't add more starter fluid directly to the charcoals because this could cause a flash fire. Dispose of charcoals when they are cold to the touch or thoroughly soak them  with water. Never use a barbecue grill indoors or in an unventilated space.

It's a fire hazard and could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Happy Grilling!  Ladies if you are not a griller, give it a try. It is simple and relaxing.  By grilling instead of cooking on the stove or in the oven, you can prepare delicious nutritious foods and save on your cooling bill during the summer.

Dorothy Duncan is a home economist who has a Master's degree in Family & Consumer Sciences. She enjoys empowering women through self improvement workshops and skincare clinics. Additionally, she publishes two online newsletters Badd Girl Training and Life Strategies, http://www.baddgirltraining.com/girls.html

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