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When you travel to another part of the world, you might discover that in some cultures, the dining etiquette is very much different from yours. Here are some tips to make your dining around the globe a pleasurable experience.

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Dining Etiquette Tips

How well do you know the proper table manners? Follow these dining etiquette tips that will help you dine at ease:
  1. Look at the table setting in front of you. Think of these as road maps that guide you through the courses of a meal.
  2. Never do anything until the host/hostess does it first. This includes sit, eat, put your napkin on the table, and leave. After all, the host is paying for the occasion, so at least make him/her feel like he's/she's in charge.
  3. Forks (with the exception of the seafood fork) are placed to the left of the plate. Depending on the meal, the knives and spoons are on the right of the dinner plate. Solids such as a bread plates, go on your left.
  4. Wine glasses or crystal stem-ware are placed to the right of the plate.
  5. Knives and spoons are placed at the right side of the plate.
  6. Place the napkin on you lap and let it stay there until the completio of the meal.
  7. During the courses of a meal, start from the outside silverware and just work yourself in. Pick up the silverware pieces from the outside and then toward your plate. The fork furthest to the outside is the one you should use for the appetizer. When the next part of the meal comes, use the next outermost fork, and so on. The same idea goes for the spoons and knives. Once used, you should never let any utensils, ever touch the table again. This includes leaning a fork onto the plate, or using a knife and putting it back in its original place to avoid dirtying the tablecloth.
  8. Don't let your elbows touch the table although you can put your hands on the table if you want to. If you drop one of your utensils, politely signal a waiter so that he/she could replace it. Don't pick up the dirty utensil and put it on the table. If you drop your table napkin, just pick it up and continue on with the meal.
  9. When hosting a dinner, don't forget your guest's special dietary needs. Also keep in mind religious observances, food allergies, etc.
  10. Don't forget to compliment the host/hostess on the preparation or presentation of the meal.
Note: If you happen to be the host, remember that all items (e.g. salad, meal, wine, water) should be brought to each diner's right, and cleared from each diner's left.