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Your mother always told you, don't talk with your mouth full and keep your elbows
off the table. Was she right? What are the correct table manners and proper dining etiquette to bring to the table?

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Cigars and Torpedos I Love My Job

I must first start off by saying to everyone in the whole wide world through this lovely digital medium that I love my job!!! Not everyone can say that, but to taste cigars everyday is sheer bliss. The cigar on the plate today is another one from the Oliva Family in Nicaragua: The Flor de Oliva Maduro Torpedo 6 x 52 This beautiful looking cigar comes with a Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper and an all Nicaraguan binder and filler which makes this a puro. These cigars come in a bundle of 25, another one of my little deals that I have found. As I mentioned in the previous review of the Flor de Oliva Gold, you can't go wrong with the bundles from Flor de Oliva.

This cigar is going to be under $2 a stick which would qualify as a super deal for most of our readers. Now to the important stuff: how good of a smoke is it. I am a big fan of Maduro cigars as a whole.

I love the dark rich oily look of them. Their sweetness to the tongue is quite a nice change from the usual Connecticut or Sumatra wrappers. When it comes to the Flor De Oliva line, I must admit I am quite a bit more partial to the Gold label rather than the Maduro. The reasons, well, you will just have to keep reading to find out. This cigar looks great.

The Maduro wrapper has a nice chocolaty look to it. The same dark brown color the entire wrapper over makes this cigar very appealing to the eyes. I haven't had any yet that have had a problem with big protruding veins, so overall, I would say that on looks, they score quite high.

The construction of the cigar would equally score very high marks. The cigar is jam packed with my beloved Nicaraguan tobacco yet, it is still very easy to draw and it produces a great amount of smoke. The cigar holds its white ash very well and I have very seldom seen it ever start unwrapping while smoking. As with any Maduro, I would not recommend smoking this cigar where windy conditions could affect the burn. All Maduro wrappers tend to burn slowly, so if you smoke in windy conditions Maduro's tend to run and you will have to light the other end to get it burning smoothly again. Overall, I would say that wrapper performs like other good Maduro's.

Just take your time and stay out of the wind. The Taste of this puro The taste of the cigar is quite nice. A smooth rich tobacco taste that lingers on the palette is what awaits you when you begin your cigar experience with this Maduro. As with all Flor de Oliva's bundles they can tend to be a bit fresh. You will want to age this cigar for a time.

I tend to buy these cigars by the stick rather than by the bundle. I would say that about 50% of the time they have been too fresh to smoke. You will want to buy it and age it a bit in your humidor before you start smoking this one.

I wish the tobacco stores would take time to age their cigars, but they would rather have the few dollars then to have to store them any longer than they have too. The Oliva Maduro is a great cigar when aged, but you chances are about 50/50 of getting one that is too fresh, so expect that when you order. The aged ones are about as good as they get for a $2 smoke. I am taking a break from the Flor De Oliva's for a few days. The next two cigars that I will be review are the Olor De Cibao Sumatra torpedo and a Te Amo Churchill.

These are in my humidor and I am itching to see how they smoke. As always, send me a line and tell me what you think of the review after you tried the cigar. If you have any cigars that you would like for me to review or if you just want to chat about cigars in general let me know. Use the contact us form at buydominicancigars.com We will also soon be making available several E-books that I am working on concerning cigars, humidors, and anything even closely related to cigars, so keep checking back.

I am going to have to end this review here. .

By: Jonathan Byrd

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