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Jelly Beans It Wouldnt Be Easter Without Them - When I was growing up in the 60?s and 70?s, jelly beans showed up once a year.

Choosing Cooking Pots and Pans - Buy good saucepans.

A Presentation Tea Chest For An Elegant Tea Service - In most tea services today, a tea box or menu is used for presenting tea, but the consumer?s tea selection is often made by name recognition only.

Cabernet Cowboy - Meet a Cabernet cowboy named Jack.

What Exactly is Texas Style Barbeque - No matter how you spell it, barbeque, barbecue, or BBQ, when the vast majority of folks think of barbecue, they think of firing up their backyard grill until red hot and slapping down a steak or pork chops, searing it to get some nice grill marks.

The Ins And Outs of Restaurant Equipment - The type of restaurant equipment you will need for your restaurant depends on the type of service you provide.

Hot Wing Sauce Hot Solutions to Spice Up a Meal - Hot wing sauces impart a characteristic spicy, tangy flavor to the dishes they grace.

The Quality Of Hospital Food - In this article I write about the quality, or lack of it, in the food that is served in some of the UK hospitals.

News Flash YearOld Dietary Guidelines Are the Best Yet Part - Many people these days are health and diet conscious?and well they should be, as it is an undisputed fact that health and diet are major determining factors in both length and quality of life.

Gourmet Blends In Senseo - Coffee drinkers the world over have their own preferences of tastes and flavors.

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